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Bride To Be - Balloon Decor M1

Bride To Be - Balloon Decor M1 –  Bachelorette Balloon Room Decor. Great way to celebrate bachelorette, Bride to be party in Miami Hotels .


Decor comes with :

Bride to be (Balloon banner) + Ring

20 ceiling balloons & 15 floor Balloons

3 Jumbo Speciality Balloons



Same day delivery & pickup is available for this boiquet. 

Pickup Hours                Delivery Hours
10am to 7pm                 10:30am to 8pm (Depending of Address)


We do not gurantee exact times. Please Enter the aproximate time or time frame. For example 12-3pm or By 2pm. Please do not write 11AM delivery and excpect to be delivered at 11Am.


Bride To Be - Balloon Decor M1

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