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                                                            BALLOON FAQ


Can I get balloons in any color?


Yes. Refer to the Color Chart page.

Should I place my order online or should I phone in my order?

You can do as you wish. Will will assist you on the phone and online exactly same way, however we do recommend to place your order online. Its faster, easier, secure, and guarantees you will receive a prompt receipt and confirmation of your order.

Can I choose an exact delivery time for my order?


During the checkout process, you will be able to select a 2 hour window for delivery.


Can I add specific balloons from other arrangements you sell to an existing bouquet?

Yes, All custom orders must be placed over the phone with a sales associate.


How far in advance should I place my order?

We always offer same day service, however it is advisable to place all orders at least 2 days in advance to guarantee items are in stock.


Can my bouquet be personalized?



Will you customize balloons?

Absolutely. Refer to the Custom Imprinting page.


Are your balloons on strings?

They float on 6 foot ribbons or longer.


Can I have my balloons delivered a day before my event?

Yes, but latex balloons will have to be treated with Hi-Float at 25 cents per balloon. Mylar will be fine overnight.


Will table centerpieces obstruct the view of the person across from me?

No. They are designed for socializing and will float above eye-level.

Can you come visit the event location?

Yes. Just call and make an appointment. Ph: 305-300-0508


Do you accept credit cards?


Can I come in to pick up balloons?


The address is: Bond Party Supplies, 1220 Washington ave, Miami Beach. 

The address is: Bond Party Supplies, 18090 collins ave, T12, Sunny Isles Beach. 

Do you do balloon drops or releases?


If I blow up balloons by mouth, will they float?

No, only balloons inflated with helium will float.


Do you deliver the same day?

Yes, Areas that we have our store locations yes. Other Areas is also possible but call first 305-300-0508.

Do you decorate or create balloon installations the same day?

It really depends. There is no answer Yes or No. If we do not have too many orders and if the balloon installation is not something that requires hours of work, then it should not be a problem.


What is Hi-Float?

Hi-Float is a liquid sealant used to coat the interior surface of latex balloons and reduces the speed at which helium escapes through the latex skin. It can increase the float time by several days. Hi-Float is non-toxic and water soluble.

How long will balloons float?

12" latex balloons will float for 20 hours to 4 days when treated with Hi-Float. Mylar balloons will float for up to one week.  It really depends of level of humidity. 

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