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  • Luca Bond

The Princess Castle Balloon Installation In CORAL GABLES, Miami

We got a request from the client to create Princess Castle with balloons, it was little Joanas golden birthday and we decide to create A real Princess castle to match her golden birthday.

Some people dont realize how much time this project can take. Event production is a hard job, its a mini construction site and it needs lot of hand and lot of time but here comes the problem. Time! We dont have time , since these balloons dont last outside for a long time, especially in Miami heat?! One or two days and half of the balloons are either deflated or oxidized. But complains on the side, here at Bond Party we make things is happen : )

If you’re looking for a truly magical way to celebrate a special occasion, look no further. We will create any theme balloon installation. Our unique balloon decorations sure to create a memorable and eye-catching event that will have people talking for months. A princess castle balloon installation features large and eye-catching balloons arranged in the shape of a castle, bringing a royal atmosphere to any event. .

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